Uses for Lanolin

Uses for Lanolin

Here at Lansinoh we are always hearing from mums that have found different lanolin uses. We know it’s great for soothing sore and cracked nipples during breastfeeding but what do you do when your breastfeeding journey has finished and you still have some of that ‘miracle cream’ remaining?

Over the last 15 years our mums have told us about many different ways in which they have used our HPA® Lanolin on themselves and their families, we’ve highlighted some uses below.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin for Mum

For a number of weeks our HPA® Lanolin will have been just for you and why should that change when you no longer require its soothing and protecting qualities on your nipples? Here are just a few ways other mums have found to give themselves some TLC when they no longer need HPA® Lanolin for breastfeeding purposes.

Lanolin for Lips

Lanolin has been used as a moisturising agent for centuries and in cosmetics for a number of years so it’s no surprise that it helps many mums keep their lips smooth and moisturised. Just apply a generous amount to dry lips as needed. In case you are wondering if lanolin is safe for lips, with it being a completely natural ingredient, and our HPA® Lanolin a one ingredient formula, you can be sure it’s safe to reapply whenever your lips need some TLC.

Lanolin for Cracked Heels

As a new mum you can end up walking a fair few miles trying to soothe your little one to sleep in their pushchair or sling. Take care of cracked heels by applying a small layer of HPA® Lanolin before bed and let it work its magic.

Lanolin for Ragged Cuticles

If your nail care routine has gone out of the window since having your little one, HPA® Lanolin can be used to give your cuticles some TLC and to soften them before cutting.

Lanolin as a Brow Balm

We all know that the right eyebrows make a huge difference to your face, but did you realise that you don’t need to spend ££’s on your eyebrow products? Save on an eyebrow balm and use a small amount of HPA® Lanolin to smooth your brows into place, with the added benefit of conditioning both your brow’s hair and your skin.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin for Dad

If your partner already helps himself to your toiletries stash you might not want to show him the benefits of our HPA® Lanolin for him… Saying that, our list below could also come in handy when you’re wondering what products you can use from your changing bag on the go!

If your partner already helps himself to your toiletries stash you might want to show him the benefits of our HPA® Lanolin for him too! Our list below could also come in handy when Dad is wondering what products he can use from your changing bag on the go!

Lanolin for Shaving Cuts

Many men use aftershave when they have a shaving cut but they could save themselves the stinging pain by using a small amount of our HPA® Lanolin, which works just as well and with no nasties like alcohol or other skin ingredients that may burn when in contact with the cut. It also acts as a skin barrier cream, protecting the wound from bacteria and outside agents.

Lanolin for Working Hands

If Dad is working hard to build your baby his or her dream room, he might need some extra care for his dry and active hands. Lanolin can be doubled as a thick hand cream, to soothe cracked skin and calluses. Even better if applied at night, to give it time to work for hours.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin for Baby

While your baby’s latch can be one of the key reasons you turn to our HPA® Lanolin and one of its greatest benefits is that you don’t have to remove it before breastfeeding, there are uses for baby that mums have discovered over the years.

Lanolin for Nappy Rashes

Our HPA® Lanolin has the same consistency as a number of barrier balms and, as a one ingredient product, you have the reassurance that you know what is going on your baby’s skin.

Lanolin for Dribble Rashes

Our little ones often start with the signs of teething long before any teeth arrive and with that they can often develop a dribble rash on their chin, neck and chest. Our HPA® Lanolin can help protect and soothe the area.

Lanolin for Scraped Knees

Admittedly your baby will be a toddler before they are mobile enough to get scraped knees but just like some of the uses above, HPA® Lanolin can be used to soothe and protect areas where there has been some light skin breakage. As always, for deep or wide wounds, consult a healthcare professional for advice on how best to help the area heal.

Lansinoh HPA Lanolin for Teenagers

When your little baby hits their teens you’ll be faced with a number of new challenges. From guiding them on how to make the best life decisions for them to giving them more responsibility when it comes to looking after themselves. All of this is largely expected but did you know that HPA® Lanolin can be used to treat some common teen problems?

Lanolin for Acne Scars

Acne can be one of the biggest challenges you face when puberty hits – or even later on in life as hormones change – and scarring is common when we’re unsure how to tackle the spots that make us feel self-conscious. HPA® Lanolin can be applied to areas where there are acne scars and offer additional moisture.


Summer Uses for Lanolin

Lanolin for Sunburn and Peeling

Sunburn can happen to any of us and we’ve all been guilty of underestimating the sun rays on a cloudy day! If you find yourself in the same predicament, you have a product on hand for the times you’ve forgotten or ignored advice because it’s ‘cloudy enough not to need it’. You only need a small layer and as with any open wound, if you are treating severe sunburn it is recommended to speak to a healthcare professional or pharmacist for advice.

Lanolin for Chafing

Summer gives you the chance to sport light and airy clothing, but sometimes this means annoying chafing! If you or your partner enjoy jogging or suffer from chafing in general, HPA® Lanolin can be used to support the healing process. Don’t forget to air the area too and try and avoid tight clothes.

Winter Uses for Lanolin

Lanolin for Red Noses from Colds

Winter brought on an annoying cold that just doesn’t seem to ease off? We’ve all been there and red and scaly noses are definitely not comfortable. Apply a small amount of HPA® Lanolin to help protect and soothe the area, both before and after blowing your nose. This way you will limit the abrasion from the tissue and treat the delicate skin at the same time.

Lanolin for Dry Skin

You may have figured this out already, but lanolin can really be used for any type of dry skin. Being a natural ingredient it will also limit the risk of allergic reactions and should be tolerated well by anyone. Due to the moisturising properties of HPA® Lanolin you can use it to treat problem areas in the same way you might use a skin balm.

We gave you a few examples of how our HPA® Lanolin can be used by different family members in different circumstances. Lanolin really is a miracle, safe ingredient, so why not experiment with it!

Please note that Lansinoh have not run tests on the above uses and many are provided based on circumstantial evidence provided by customers. If you have any concerns or underlying skin issues it is recommended to speak to the relevant healthcare professional before introducing new products to your routine.

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