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Silicone Breast Pump
It’s common for one breast to leak when feeding or pumping from the other side and we think this is such a waste. Formally known as the Breastmilk Collector, our Lansinoh Silicone Breast Pump is designed to save every last drop...
Manual Breast Pump
Lansinoh’s Manual Breast Pump provides a portable and convenient option for breastfeeding women who want to express discreetly and in comfort while on the move, as it does not require batteries or an electrical source. Designed for ease of use,...
Hands-Free Pumping Bra - Simple Wishes®
Lansinoh® has partnered with Simple Wishes® to provide pumping mums with the ultimate time saver. Not only does the Lansinoh® Simple Wishes® Breast Pumping Bra free up your hands during pumping sessions, it also helps create a better seal for...
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