Silverette Silver Nursing Cups

The ORIGINAL Silver Nipple Cups now available exclusively from Lansinoh. Handcrafted in Italy from natural 925 sterling silver to naturally soothe and protect sore nipples throughout your breastfeeding or pumping journey.

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Cooling Postpartum Padsicles

Pre-prepped cooling comfort for your postpartum perineum. Simply pop in the fridge or freezer before birth, ready to use when your recovery begins.

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Helps heal sore nipples

Soothies® Cooling Gel Pads

For those moments when you need more than a nipple cream to soothe your soreness and help heal your sore, cracked nipples. The #1 selling nipple gel pad in the US - now available in the UK.

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A better bottle for breastfed babies

Featuring the same NaturalWave™ teat babies love, making it easy to transition from breast to bottle, and back again.


100% natural

Award-winning HPA® Lanolin Nipple Cream

Our iconic purple tube, clinically proven to help soothe
& protect sore & cracked nipples.

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When mothers thrive, we all thrive

Dear Mothers,
we are with you

Shop our range of mum-trusted, midwife-supported breastfeeding & postpartum solutions to make each new mums journey a little easier.


Why we exist

Stand with the mothers

Your work is invisible. Your sacrifices go unseen. Your struggles are private. That’s why we stand with all the mothers by recognising and anticipating your challenges with innovative products that care for your needs. But, more than that, we strive to support and empower — alongside healthcare professionals, — to make every parents journey a little easier, today and for the future.

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Birth Preparation & Recovery

Shop our award-winning Birth Preparation and Recovery range, developed to help mums prepare for birth and support their postnatal recovery....

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Nipple Cream

Shop our award-winning range of nipple cream for breastfeeding – from our iconic purple tube of lanolin that’s been saving...

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Breast Pumps

Browse our range of breast pumps made for new and experienced breastfeeding mums. We have manual breast pumps designed for...

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Breast Therapies

Lansinoh have a range of products such as breast therapy pads, nipple shields, latch-assist nipple everters and breastfeeding pillows for...

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Breastmilk Storage

Shop our breastmilk storage products to store your breastmilk to be used at a later date. Whether you’re looking for...

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Replacement Parts

Shop Lansinoh’s breast pump parts to help keep your pump running. From valves, diaphragm and breast cushions, to connectors and...

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Resources for Mums

Research-backed tips and support for you and your baby

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