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For the Hardest Workers in the World

For the Hardest Workers in the World

Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world but one you would never change. We are recognising that being a mum is like having 2 full-time jobs.  Here are some of our tops tips on adapting to becoming a mum for the first time.

Meet your new boss

Welcoming a new baby into the world, is like having a new boss at work. In the beginning, you’ll have to meet your baby’s every demand but as time goes on, you’ll both get into a routine. Enjoy each feed, each nappy change and snuggle in the night, it is these special little moments that makes the experience worthwhile.

Learning on the job!

Learning on the job is part of the fun of being a new parent. From the first nappy change to signs of a good latch, our NHS healthcare professionals are here for you every step of the way. If you’re finding any parts of parenthood challenging speak to your midwife or health visitor.

Two full-time jobs, no training manual

Unfortunately, babies don’t come with a training manual and each baby have their own unique needs. This is also often the case when breastfeeding. Some babies prefer to feed small and often, and some babies prefer to go longer between feeds. What works for your little one may not work for your friend’s baby and that’s okay. The signs of a healthy breastfeeding baby after the first few weeks of birth are; weight gain, 6-8 wet nappies and 2 dirty nappies over a 24-hour period.

A job that requires being everywhere at the same time

Being flexible is part and parcel of everyday life, and that’s true for breastfeeding mums too! Take each day as it comes and keep your days flexible so you can fit your baby’s schedule around your plans.

Know how to get the best from your team

Breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally to us all and often come with its own challenges. But it’s not a job that you have to do on your own. The important thing is teamwork, whether that’s your partner, friends, or extended family. Let’s share the load!

Invest your time in your little one

You are not the only one who is new to this great adventure. Your baby is also learning as they go. And because you are growing up together every day, we create products designed to help you develop your new parenting skills.

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