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What’s Better: Indoor or outdoor play?

What’s Better: Indoor or outdoor play?

Indoor play for all children has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the development of games consoles, computer games and wider access to children’s television. However, is this better for our children? Go back 50 years and you couldn’t get children inside, children were out on bikes, at the park and making mud pies. Here at Lansinoh we have been researching which is better…

Outdoor Play
Lansinoh has found studies show the brain develops much faster in children who spend more time outside than inside. With all of the building dens, exploring the outdoor environment and making daily adventures whilst climbing up trees, these children overall become better learners at school and are sociable to be around.

Playing outside not only has psychological advantages but it has long term physical advantages too. Having your children play outside and be more physical, is a skill they will learn to carry on to their adulthood. Outdoor play can reduce the risk of obesity and stress in the future.

Indoor Play
However, indoor play is just as important, as Lansinoh has found. There are consoles that enable children to move around and exercise at the same time but the problem with these games is they don’t have the connection to the world around us in the same way outdoor play does. Playing on consoles doesn’t give children the opportunity to use their imagination or direct the context of their own play.

Studies have shown there are advantages to games consoles, they are known to reduce stress and with the ability to connect to others, it can be a sociable activity.

Child development starts from a young age, so indoor activities for example playdough gives a child the creativity to create their own sculpture and lets them be creative at the same time by making their own toys. (Here’s a link on how to make your own playdough: )

It also lets them discover new textures, bright colours etc. Other toys like wooden blocks are good for developing the mind by creating spatial awareness and it helps children recognise shapes and colours.

Our mOmma range was designed with this idea in mind, with the rocking movement and the bright colours, the range develops a child’s hand eye coordination and increases their spatial awareness. But the best thing is they can’t knock it over – so no mess to clean up for mum or Dad!

At Lansinoh we believe both indoor and outdoor play are important for your child’s development. There are plenty of indoor activities that can enhance your child’s development. The key is finding the balance between indoor and outdoor play and allowing your child to explore as many different environments and scenarios as possible. The advantages of outdoor play, letting your child use their imagination to control their own play against the advantages of indoor play, being able to use toys to discover, textures, shapes etc. and once again direct their own play. Overall the most important thing is that your child plays!!

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