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Mother’s Day Message Love Olivia

Mother’s Day Message Love Olivia

Dear Queen Bee,

Happy Mother’s Day. This day used to be a greeting card holiday but has now been elevated into a day to be reflective and proud of the mum you have become. Appreciating your own mums and what they do for you is wonderful, and this year I am also going take a minute for you and recognise, appreciate and acknowledge the mum you are too.

First off I just want to tell you that you are, truly, a brilliant mum. It feels weird and a little bit cringe to even write that but objectively (as a daughter, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law) I can see that you are actually, factually, a brilliant mum. You are selfless, and kind, and (mostly) patient, and fun. You give all your energy, focus; time and sparkle to your most favourite person in the world, and you do it with your whole and a good heart. It’s been 2 years and 4 months since you became a mum and without fail every single night you have fed and nourished your baby. You have cuddled him through the night. You have comforted and soothed him while he nuzzled into you. When you just felt like you couldn’t do yet another wakeful night, you dug deep and found the reserves and did what felt right for you and your baby, even when others questioned your approach.

You constantly encourage and support, nurture and boost. You run and jump, climb and balance. You imagine and create, excite and giggle. You are his safe place, his home, his confidence booster, and his security. You bring magic to his days. You sacrifice your own social interactions, exciting plans, work opportunities and selfish indulgences and you do it because there is no one and nothing more important to you. But just know when the exhaustion reaches its peak, and your energy is depleted, your nipples raw and your patience waning – that it has all been worth it. He is thriving, and secure. He is inquisitive, kind and brave. He is healthy and he is above all, and most importantly happy.

You have created the most amazing environment for him to grow up in, and to him you are his world.

Well done mumma, I always knew you would flourish in this role – so today I hope you take a moment to acknowledge it.

Lots of love,

Ozzie’s mummy x


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