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Mother’s Day Message Love Emily

Mother’s Day Message Love Emily

Dear 23-year-old me,

I’m sorry I never loved you.

I never believed in you and always tried to change you.

I’m sorry I picked holes in you.

I never knew who you were or what you were capable of.


Dear 30-year-old me,

Thank you for taking the lead, for making, housing and feeding another life.

Thank you for showing me how to love.

For getting me through the darkest times in early motherhood. The sleepless nights, the cracked nipples, the tears, the loss of identity, feeling tired, vulnerable and scared.

Thank you for making me the best mum I can be.

Now I hand it over to you to take the lead once again and show me the way through times of worry and anxiety.

Although I too often forget….

I trust you.

Now I know you, I will honour you and nurture you. I will love you and take care of you like you have me and our child. I will protect you the best I can so the future is fit, strong, healthy and long.

Let’s work together and show the two new lives that we created how important it is to love, work with each other and not against one another. That appreciation and acceptance of what has been and to be positive about what is to come is so important.


Dear 32-year-old me,

Thank you. You are doing ok and the future is bright!


So on this day, Happy Mother’s Day to me! ❤️


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