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Mother’s Day message Love Ami

Mother’s Day message Love Ami

Dear Ami,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Who’d have thought that you would just have turned 30 years old and be celebrating Mother’s Day with two wonderful boys and an amazing husband?

I want you to take this day to celebrate and reminisce about everything you have achieved in the four years you’ve been a mother for.

You brought two healthy, happy babies into the world. That is an amazing achievement and you deserve a crown for that alone!!

You have gone through an obscene amount of sleepless nights. You have changed thousands of nappies. You have kissed so many bumps on the head and grazes on the knee. You have fed two babies in two totally different ways, but you gave both of them the best start in life that you could. You have given a million sleepy cuddles and goodnight kisses.

You are a source of comfort, a safe space to vent anger, a trusted confidant, a chef, a cleaner, a personal stylist, a teacher, a nurse, a chauffeur, a personal shopper. You are basically everything to your two little people and although at times it might not feel like it, you need to know what an amazing job you are doing.

So, at those times when you get an attack of mum-guilt and you feel like you aren’t enough, just remember all that you are and all that you do. You are one amazing mother!

Love, Ami xx


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