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Mother’s Day Message Love Sophie

Mother’s Day Message Love Sophie

Dear Soph,

This journey into motherhood didn’t start off on the right foot, but over time it’s developed into something beautiful. You’ve done well.

From the start it was all about loving and accepting the changes within your body. You didn’t like the wide hips, stretch marks, aching muscles, sickness and constant pain, but looking back now you can appreciate what you have been through – you have grown a wonderful human who you are proud to call your son.

Those first few months with a new-born were all about learning to cope with the responsibility of looking after a tiny human and self-doubting what you were doing. Was it right? Was it wrong?  There were numerous times you were in tears because of the pain of feeding him, but you wanted to persevere so badly, and you did. There were times when you felt you’d let him down and you got anxious that he constantly wanted you and that you had no escape. There were times when you lived on an hour’s sleep (if not less) and still had to function.

These are now the times you look back on now and realise that you achieved something wonderful. It was tough, it was emotional and it made you realise how much your life had changed, but it also made you realise who you are. You are a brilliant, loving mother and you overcame all those thoughts, emotions and moments to get here now. A year on and you’re still on your wonderful breastfeeding journey, which should make you immensely proud. Your biggest achievement in life by far is growing a beautiful human and becoming a brilliant mum. You’ve done a brilliant job and you deserve a big pat on the back, positive feedback and lots of love. Thank you. Thank you for sharing your positive breastfeeding journey and helping to make other women feel empowered enough to breastfeed in public. Thank you for being a beautiful mother to your beautiful boy, Oscar.

Love Sophie


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