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Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Whether you are expecting your first, second or third child, announcing your pregnancy can be one of the most exciting moments of being pregnant and there are countless baby announcement ideas to make the occasion memorable.

Sharing the scan

Simply, sharing your 12-week scan with your loved ones can create a cherished memory and brings to life the start of your parenting journey, especially if you’ve chosen not to announce it to any of your family until after the first scan.

Add some humour

Who said telling your family you’re expecting, can’t be fun? Having a baby is one of the most emotional experiences that you’ll go through as a family, but it is also a huge amount of fun.

Wearing t-shirts can be a great way to announce it to the wider family. An “It’s not a food baby” t-shirt avoids any awkward questions if your bump looks more like you just gained a bit of weight. You can also involve your partner by getting them a matching t-shirt with “It’s a food baby” on it if they’ve also been eating for two!

Involve the older siblings

Siblings can be a great way to tell the world you are expecting. Once you’ve told your little one, don’t expect them to keep quiet about it. A “Promoted to big brother/sister” or eviction notice sign for the cot makes a great photo to share with friends and family.

If this is your first human baby, then a pet can also be a great way to share your news through homemade signs.

The little things

Using everyday little items like lining up the family shoes and including a pair of baby shoes, or taking a picture of ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ mugs and a baby’s bottle are other popular ways to announce your pregnancy.

If you know the sex of the baby, you could also incorporate this into your announcement by including balloons that say, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!”

Get creative                                                   

Announcing your pregnancy can be lots of fun so get creative. Pinterest is a great place to find creative ideas. Have fun with it and enjoy finally being able to share your news with your friends and family! And, if you’re are announcing your pregnancy during Christmas or Easter add a touch of festivity to your announcement.

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