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Checklist For Dads

Checklist For Dads

Mums always need their support network, especially if it’s your first child but partners can get just as confused and worried about the arrival of your little one as much as you do. Here are some tips for partners to help them with the birth.

When the due date is nearing start stocking up on a few essentials. Make sure you have enough food for the whole family, the basics like milk and bread and some quick meals you can make when you return from hospital.

  • If your partner is intending to breastfeed try to stock up on all the accessories you will need to help her breastfeed successfully. Ensure you have a comfortable breastfeeding chair and cushion ready to go. Make sure she has her HPA Lanolin to hand in case of any nipple soreness and invest in a Latch Assist if your partner has flat or inverted nipples, she’ll thank you for it later!
  • You also need to think about baby essentials like wipes and nappies for the first couple of days. A car seat will be needed to take your baby home too, it’s best to get these essentials a couple of weeks before the due date in case your baby comes early. This way you have enough time to concentrate on your new baby and mum.
  • One thing you might not have thought of is the car needs to be ready! Make sure you have enough petrol to get you and mum to the hospital and back for about a month before the due date, as the last thing you want to do is go get petrol on your way to the hospital. The hospital address and the quickest way to get there and park is a key part for you too. Also remember to take money for the car park if it requires it.
  • Mum will have sorted out her hospital bag but is there anything you want to take for the birth? You may want to take snacks or drinks so you don’t have to leave the delivery suite or a camera to capture the moment your baby arrives into the world.

All of these suggestions will take a bit of stress off you and help you concentrate on looking after mum and your brand new baby.

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