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Travelling with your Little One

Travelling with your Little One

The key point is to plan well in advance – good preparation will lead to a more relaxed time during your journey and whilst you are away.

Here are some things for you to consider:-

– How old will your baby/toddler be when you travel?

– Where is your destination, home / abroad?

– How long will it take to get there?

– How will you transport your baby/toddler – pushchair/ sling/Car seat?

– If you are travelling abroad your little one will need a passport of his/ her own and may even need some additional vaccinations depending on which country you are visiting. The practice nurse or health visitor at your GP surgery will be able to advise you about this.

Some packing suggestions:-

– Change of clothes

– Nappies

– Water wipes

– Bottom cream

– Sun cream

– Sun canopy for push chair/ sun hat

– Blackout blind

– Dummies/ soothers

– Toys (a new one as well as a few favourites)

– Feeding equipment (disposable breast pads, Lanolin cream, pump, feeding bottles, breastmilk storage bags, sterilising equipment if necessary)

Travelling by car:-

– Car seat

– Sun blind for windows

– Travel games / music

– Consider traveling at night if on a long journey whilst baby is asleep.

– Frequent stops if on long journey during the day to avoid boredom.

– Have someone else sat in the back to amuse your little one.

– Take plenty of healthy drinks and snacks for you if you are breastfeeding and for toddler.

Travelling by train or boat:-

– Car seat or alternative.

– Travel games / toys if appropriate.

– Healthy drinks and snacks.

– Have a bag with change of clothes, nappies etc.

– Walk around as this will help distract your little one and relieve boredom.

Travelling by plane:-

– Plenty of fluids are especially important when flying for you and your baby / toddler.

– Breastfeeding or if your child is older than 6 months,  giving her a drink on take-off and landing will help to reduce ear pain caused by the changing air pressure in the cabin.

– Check with your airline about restrictions on food and fluids in hand luggage, usual restrictions do not apply to baby food and drink, remember to take plenty with you in case of delays.

– Pack a change of clothes for you and your little one (leaky nappies or a bout of sickness will not be nice for you to sit in)!

– Get up and move about. This will help relieve boredom and also help to prevent you developing a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which is more of a risk if you have recently given birth. Flight socks may also be helpful for you to wear.

Relax and enjoy your holiday, remember to take lots of photos to capture this special time. You will more than likely come home wondering why you were getting so worried about travelling with your little one. Have a wonderful time!

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