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Out & About With A Baby On The Move

Out & About With A Baby On The Move

You’re a dab hand at this going out business… or so you thought.  You have just got used to being on the move with baby and now your baby’s on the move without you!  Your small dependent human is starting to become independent.   Although you still have to take many of the same things out with you as you did before, now that your baby is starting to sit up, preparing for solids and starting to get on the move you need to rethink the ‘going out’ bag!

Thankfully you’ll still be breastfeeding so you’ll be carrying the same nutritious food your baby still needs.  But at 6 months old she’ll also start to take more solid food and will usually want to feed herself.  You have a choice – messy foods and lots of napkins and changes of clothes or you just take her home messy – babies and solid foods will be messy.  But also think about feeding baby from your plate if you are eating out.  Babies like finger foods and you can also offer her some of your mashed up food on a spoon as well.

So that’s the food sorted.  But your baby who’s learning there’s more to life than lying on the floor now wants to explore the world and may not be content to do that from the confines of the pushchair.

You may want to break up your outings with places where your baby can get out and have a stretch and explore.  It may be worth thinking about taking her to a playgroup to tire her out before going into town or supermarket shopping.  And have food on hand in case she is hungry whilst you are out.

Here are some pointers for a relaxed outing:

● Let baby have some freedom to move around and use up energy so when he/she is in the buggy they won’t feel so confined

● Plan where you are going and think about whether you can combine it with a visit to a playgroup, swimming class or a play at the park (weather permitted) – fresh air and play will always tire babies out

● Prepare: decide if you need to take solid foods with you – preferably the ones that still look good after being in a bag – or whether you’re going to eat out.  If eating out think about where to eat so that you know the menu caters for your little one

● Know your route and where you can stop off if you need to

And remember go home and try another day if you need to – it’s not failure – it’s just learning for you and baby

Your baby will be more inquisitive about the world around her and will want to be involved with everything she sees.  Your baby won’t be happy at being confined to the pushchair and will want to get out and she’ll soon learn tricks of how to squirm from getting put into a pushchair, highchair and car seat.  Persevere – this is another stage that your baby has to learn about and with your help that’s it just what she’ll do.

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