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Hospital Bag Set


The Hospital Bag Set contains:

  • GOLD Award-winning HPA Lanolin Cream 10ml
  • Lanolin Lip Balm
  • Breastmilk Collector
  • Reusable Thera°Pearl® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pads
  • Disposable Breast Pads pack of 24
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags pack of 25

At Lansinoh our products have been designed with giving mum and baby the best start in their new life together; that’s why we have taken the hard work out of shopping for the new-mum essentials by creating this gift pack bundle of everything you may need to support your breastfeeding journey.

HPA Lanolin Cream 10ml

Lansinoh’s HPA® Lanolin has been developed for breastfeeding mothers to soothe and protect sore and cracked nipples. Use after each feed, to help soothe and protect sore cracked nipples. Our cream doesn't need to be removed before breastfeeding as it is the purest nipple cream available. Awarded GOLD at the 2021 Mother & Baby Awards.

Lanolin Lip Balm

The Lansinoh Lip Balm is a rich, effective moisturiser which helps soothe and protect very dry chapped lips. Made from 100% HPA Lanolin.

Breastmilk Collector

Save every last drop of breastmilk with the Lansinoh Breastmilk Collector. It is light, portable and small enough to carry in your changing or handbag for everyday, discreet use. This simple to use breast pump catches excess breastmilk from let-down while breastfeeding or expressing from the other breast. BPA and BPS free, 100% silicone and dishwasher safe.

Reusable Thera°Pearl® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pads

Flexible and reusable, Thera°Pearl’s 3-in-1 Breast Therapy packs have soft covers that can be slipped comfortably inside your bra to relieve any discomfort that can be caused by some conditions associated with breastfeeding. BPA, BPS and latex free, these breast therapy pads are also shaped to fit around a breast pump to encourage let down and promote faster milk flow.

They can be used both hot and cold:

Hot usage: Heat in the microwave for a maximum of 15 seconds to provide relief for plugged ducts or mastitis; plus, heat encourages milk flow which means less time expressing.

Cold usage: Freeze the packs for a couple of hours, then place them into the cover provided to relieve pain and swelling caused by engorgement. The unique design means that the pack is flexible, even when it is frozen. Once used, it can be cleaned with a mild soap, detergent or alcohol.

CAUTION: For external use only. Use only as directed. Always test pack temperature prior to application. Prolonged application may cause injury, including burns. Do not use on infants. Do not use if you have poor circulation. Do not use heat therapy on stitches or an open wound. Do not fall asleep using pack. Keep out of reach of children. For extreme, prolonged or chronic pain, contact your physician. Heating beyond suggested time may damage or destroy pack. Do not puncture pack and/or ingest contents.

Pack of 24 Disposable Breast Pads

Our award-winning Disposable Breast Pads with Blue Lock™ core are comfortable, ultra-absorbent, and designed to fit all breast sizes. They ensure that breastfeeding mums stay dry, night or day. They feature two non-slip tapes for secure fit and for keeping each pad in place. The pads have a discreet, naturally contoured design, so no bunches, or crinkles. 

Pack of 25 Breastmilk Storage Bags

Lansinoh’s Breastmilk Storage Bags are ideal for storing expressed breastmilk in the fridge or freezer and have a hygienic tamper-evident and secure tear-away top. The bags also have double-sealed side seams for extra strength, are pre-sterilised, and BPA/BPS free - so no harmful substances can contaminate the stored breastmilk. 

Whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or as a gift, our mother and baby hospital bag is perfect for new and experienced mothers.

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