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Lansinoh Birth Prep & Recovery

New postpartum care range by Lansinoh, backed by research and guidance from experts

Our prenatal & postpartum care range is backed by research and guidance from experts.

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Birth preparation starts with massage...

Learn about the benefits of perineal massage and why 98% of Healthcare Professionals recommend antenatal perineal massage which is proven to help prevent tearing during birth^.

^ABDELHAKIM AM et al (2020) Antenatal perineal massage benefits in reducing perineal trauma and postpartum morbidities: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Int Urogynecol J 31;1735-1745. Health Professional Academy (2022) Postpartum perineal pain: Prevention and Treatment CPD Module report. Learning shift after taking the Lansinoh module.

Breastfeeding Essentials

Organic Pre-Birth Preparation Oil


Organic Post-Birth Relief Spray


Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad


Post-Birth Wash Bottle


Postpartum Recovery Essentials

3-step recovery regimen

Birth Prep

Organic Massage Oil

Recovery Step 1 - Cleanse

Postpartum Wash Bottle

Recovery Step 2 - Soothe

Herbal Postpartum Spray

Recovery Step 3 - Relieve

Hot & Cold Therapy Packs

Recovery Essentials

Pain Relief Spray

Meet the Range

Organic Pre-Birth Preparation Oil


Organic Post-Birth Relief Spray


Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad


Post-Birth Wash Bottle


To support our Birth Prep & Recovery range, we have teamed up with experts in the maternal health world to bring you The Let's Talk Series. Each episode will help you with maternal health and preparing for recovering from childbirth.

All episodes are available over on our Instagram channel. Click to follow below.

Breastfeeding Essentials

8 in 10 new mums say they were unprepared for recovery after childbirth

We partnered with midwives, pelvic floor specialists and maternal mental health experts to help you recover in your fourth trimester. Watch our series of informative, bite-sized episodes to make sure you are prepared for your recovery.

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Our essential 4-step routine has been developed to help mums avoid the discomfort that comes during and after birth.

Our essential 4-step routine has been developed to help mums avoid the discomfort that comes during and after birth.

Step 1: Prepare with Organic Pre-Birth Preparation Oil

Gynecologically tested, 100% natural, organic & vegan,
our Pre-Birth Preparation Oil facilitates perineal massage which promotes skin elasticity to allow more stretch at birth. Suitable for sensitive skin, it is recommended to be used 3-4 times per week from 34 weeks of pregnancy.

Step 2: Cleanse with the Post-Birth Wash Bottle

Gently cleanse the perineal area following childbirth when skin is tender and tissue may be uncomfortable. Use from the first bathroom trip after labour… it’s a hospital bag must-have!

Step 3: Soothe with the Organic Post-Birth Relief Spray

Gynecologically tested, 99% natural, vegan & suitable for sensitive skin, providing a soothing relief for perineal discomfort, that can be used as soon as required following birth. The unique blend of herbal ingredients including Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Cucumber to cool and calm, while the 360 degree sprayer allows gentle and easy application from any angle.

Step 4: Relieve with the Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad

The slim, re-usable pad delivers both cold & warm relief for perineal discomfort & post-birth cramping. The design moulds to the body and stays flexible even after freezing, for the doctor recommended 20 minutes for highly effective, drug-free pain relief for up to 2 hours.

Step 5: Pack of 24 Hygiene Sleeves

Refill pack of sleeves for the Cold & Warm Post-Birth Relief Pad which are safe, disposable for hygiene and made from a comfortable non-woven fabric.

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