HPA® Lanolin Cream

Lansinoh’s HPA® Lanolin has been developed for breastfeeding mothers to soothe and protect sore and cracked nipples.

Sore nipples are very common during breastfeeding and can often be a result of the uncomfortable positioning of your baby at the breast.

Whilst it is vital to address the cause of this, Lansinoh’s HPA® Lanolin is proven to help soothe and protect sore cracked nipples.

  • Award Winning HPA Lanolin Gold
  • HPA Lanolin changing bag
  • Award Winning HPA Lanolin
  • HPA Lanolin at work
  • HPA Lanolin Award Winners
  • Award Winning HPA Lanolin Gold
  • HPA Lanolin changing bag
  • Award Winning HPA Lanolin
  • HPA Lanolin at work
  • HPA Lanolin Award Winners
  • Sally

    4 4 4 4 4

    Essential for New Mums

    This Lansinoh Lanolin nipple cream is an absolute essential for any new Mum. I'd highly recommend it as you don't have to remove for feeds. This really helped me when I first started breastfeeding.

  • LifeAsMrsD

    4 4 4 4 4

    Life saver

    This has been an absolute life saver with my second daughter who's latch was horrific at the beginning. It's really soothing, and I love that it doesn't have to be removed before a feed like you do with some other nipple creams, and these tubes seem to last forever. Not only is it fab to help relieve those poor nipples, but it's wonderful as a lip balm,  or on dry skin like elbows and feet!

  • Jade Homer

    4 4 4 4 4

    Best nipple cream out there!

    I remember being given this amazing stuff when I first started breastfeeding Evelyn in hospital, it helped a lot in the first crucial days whilst your nipples are adjusting to having a little baby suckling on them for what seemed like forever. I have never looked back from using it as it really has been a god send through every feed keeping my nipples soothed and protected from being sore and cracked. It is great that you don't have to remove before feeding so therefore provides a safe and effective feeding experience for mother and baby. The cream is 100% natural and pure with no additives and is also hypoallergenic with the British Allergy Foundation. HPA Lanolin is also not just used for nipples, I have used it on nappy rash when I ran out of barrier cream, moisturised my lips and skin and rubbed it in to my cuticles.

  • Louise

    4 4 4 4 4

    Nipple saviour

    I decided to use this nipple cream because the lady who ran my prenatal class would rave about it. She wasn’t wrong! It’s such a nice nipple cream. I bought another version for my baby bag and I really don’t like it. It wasn’t worth saving a pound for the cheaper version. It creates a barrier on the nipple and feels like it’s healing the sore bits too. I express my milk for my baby and have done for quite a while so this cream is a life saver. I put it on after I express however what was nice about it when I did nurse directly was I didn’t need to worry about wiping off. In the first few weeks of feeding this cream was always in reaching distance.

  • Ebru Turan

    4 4 4 4 4

    Its helpful for bf my 1 year old daughter she is chewing on my nipples:)

  • Vicki

    4 4 4 4 4

    An amazing product. Totally saved my cracked and bleeding nipples and enabled me to continue breastfeeding. The midwives know what they're talking about when they recommend this cream!

  • Leeann

    4 4 4 4 4

    would consider this and essential if breastfeeding. relieved soreness within hours and also kept it at bay. seems a small tube but actually goes a long way. texture seems strange at first but is fine, but be aware it is quite greasy. but wonderful product.

  • Stephanie

    4 4 4 4 4

    Absolute ESSENTIAL, must have if bresatfeeding. Does exactly as it says on the tube. Abled me to keep breastfeeding, quick pain relief within a short space of time, no need to wash off before a feed. My best pregnancy buy to date.

  • Anon

    4 4 4 4 4


  • Chelsea

    4 4 4 4 4

    Brilliant product, helps soothe cracked/ sore nipples

  • Sabrina

    4 4 4 4 4

    I absolutely love this product. Used it with both my previous babies and plan to use it again with my next one. This product is definitely an ESSENTIAL when breastfeeding.

  • Sarah Hills

    4 4 4 4 4

    Worth every penny! This is my best 'new mummy' purchase! Great pain relief, quick and easy application and no need to remember to clean it off before a feed.

  • Claire Ashworth

    4 4 4 4 4

    My little girl was born with tongue and lip tie. while feeding she really damaged my nipples. Started using the cream and immediately felt relief. This saved our breastfeeding. Thank you.

  • Mariam

    4 4 4 4 4

    I have heard this company is doing very well. Want to try this cream as im a new mum

  • Emma Cullen

    4 4 4 4 4

    The best product ever for sore nipples! I had really sore nipples during the first trimester and this cream really worked straight away from first use it made a huge difference.

  • Katarzyna

    4 4 4 4 4

    Very like

  • Tori

    4 4 4 4 4

    Fabulous feeding journey saver. Tongue tie added to my pain but lansinoh has helped me through 3 divisions and at 17 months into our journey I still rely on it for a few days at that time of the month ;)

  • Guest

    4 4 4 4 4

    A must for every breast feeding mum, immediate relief from sore nipples. Doesn't need to be washed off between feeds an a little goes a long way.

  • Guest

    4 4 4 4 4

    My baby was born with tongue tight and after 3 days my nipples were sore so I started using this nipple cream.
    Literally it helped me to keep breastfeeding without need at add any formula!

The Lansinoh Videos

  • Following a tough start to breastfeeding, Resheda want to help other mums, so took to her kitchen where Lansinoh was born.
    Here we are in 2019 celebrating 35 years of our famous Lanolin Cream.

  • View this quick video on 'how to use' the number 1 best selling HPA® Lanolin.

  • View our best selling HPA® Lanolin tube in 360 degrees.

  • View our HPA® Lanolin full product video the brand leader for nipple cream. See how it has helped millions of women worldwide relieve sore and cracked nipples.

  • Learn more about what sets our HPA® Lanolin apart from others on the market

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  • Product Features:

    • BPA and BPS free
    • #1 bestselling nipple cream in the UK for breastfeeding mothers
    • Soothes and protects sore nipples and cracked skin
    • 100% natural and hypoallergenic
    • Pure medical grade lanolin
    • No additives, preservatives or chemicals
    • No need to remove before breastfeeding
    • Paraben free
    • No taste, colour or smell – the most acceptable nipple cream for your breastfed baby
    • Safe for mum and baby
  • Description:



    Sore nipples are very common during breastfeeding and can often be a result of the uncomfortable positioning of your baby at the breast. Whilst it is vital to address the cause of this, Lansinoh’s HPA® Lanolin is proven to help soothe and protect sore cracked nipples.

    Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin is composed of an ultra-purified grade of lanolin which has been refined using a unique process, making it safe for both mum and baby, with no need to remove before breastfeeding. 100% natural without any preservatives or additives, it is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also the only lanolin product to have received the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

    Available in 2 sizes: 40ml tube and 10ml tube.

  • Product Details:

    • 40ml Tube
    • 10ml Tube
  • If you need help with this specific product, please click the link below:

    Contact us Download The Manual
    • Is Lansinoh Lanolin safe for my baby?

      Yes. Lansinoh HPA® Lanolin does not need to be removed before breastfeeding and is the purest, safest nipple cream available.  Unlike other lanolins, we achieve this quality by using a unique refining process to selectively filter out colour and odour forming impurities.  This process, performed at low temperatures without any bleaching, is gentle and 100% natural.  Lansinoh contains no added water, no chemicals and no perfume.  Lansinoh nipple cream is 100% pure hypoallergenic HPA® lanolin and has:
      • No smell
      • No taste
      • No preservatives
      • No antioxidants or other additives
    • How does Lansinoh® HPA® Lanolin work?

      Breastfeeding is a learnt skill. If you experience nipple soreness beyond a slight tenderness when your baby latches on you may need to make some adjustments so you can be comfortable and enjoy breastfeeding your baby. Uncomfortable attachment of the baby at the breast when feeding is often the cause of sore nipples – a temporary but painful condition. Things will improve as you establish positioning and latch-on technique but in the meantime Lansinoh HPA®Lanolin can provide soothing relief to enable you to breastfeed comfortably. The application of Lansinoh HPA®Lanolin provides the perfect moist wound healing environment. Moist wound healing involves retaining the moisture already present in areolar skin, by applying a moisture barrier cream to the injured site. Internal moisture, retained within the skin, will return the skin to its normal healthy state, supple and soft rather than brittle and dry. When cracked tissue is rehydrated in this way from within, it will heal without the formation of a scab or crust.
    • How much should I use?

      We recommend using a garden pea sized amount of HPA Lanolin Cream after every feed to make sure your nipples are protected and healing in between breast feeds.
    • How do I store HPA Lanolin Cream?

      You can store HPA Lanolin Cream at room temperature. If the cream feels stiff and difficult to squeeze out of the tube, you can gently warm the tube between your hands to soften the cream inside. If the cream is very runny when you squeeze it out, you will need to keep it in a cooler room.
  • Gold – Best New Mum/Maternity Skincare Product Mother & Baby Awards 2020

    Gold – Best Product for Breast Feeding (excluding Breast Pumps) Mother & Baby Awards 2020

    Silver – Best Pregnancy/Maternity Product Mother & Baby Awards 2020

    Gold – Best New Mum / Maternity Skincare Product Mother & Baby Awards 2019

    Silver – Best Product for Breastfeeding (Excluding Breast Pumps) Mother & Baby Awards 2018

    Silver – Best New Mum/ Maternity Skincare Products Mother & Baby Awards 2018

    Bronze – Best Nipple Cream Made for Mums Awards 2018

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