Compact Single Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh’s Compact Single Electric Breast Pump is full of power yet small, lightweight and easy to slip into your bag when away from home. The 2-phase technology mimicing babys’ natural feeding pattern and 5 levels of suction, mean maximum comfort for mum when expressing breastmilk.

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  • Compact Single Electric Breast Pump
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Comfortable
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Simple Controls
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Micro USB
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Simple to use
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Hygienic Closed System
  • Compact Pumping by mum
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Contents
  • Compact Single Electric Breast Pump
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Comfortable
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Simple Controls
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Micro USB
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Simple to use
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Hygienic Closed System
  • Compact Pumping by mum
  • Lansinoh Compact Breast Pump Contents
  • Kassy Durcan

    4 4 4 4 4

    Amazing little pump!!

    I have found the compact single pump really easy to use, there isn’t lots of fiddly pieces so assembly was simple and cleaning is easy. It’s much quieter than my current pump which is a massive bonus and also more compact so easier to take out and about.

    I was impressed with how quickly the pump with the let down/sucking function worked I got a lot more than I expected in a shorter pumping session than when I have previously pumped.

  • Amy

    4 4 4 4 4

    Super effective!

    I was very pleasantly surprised to find the compact single electric pump was extremely effective at removing the milk.
    I thought as it was so lightweight and small it couldn't have that great suction etc but I was wrong!
    I was able to express 5oz in 9 minutes which is unheard of for me! I've exclusively expressed for 18 months for my previous baby so I'm no stranger to expressing and wish I'd had this pump first time round.
    It's only got a few parts which makes cleaning it quick and it's size makes it an ideal option to pop in your bag for days out or nights away.
    I would highly recommend this pump!

  • Rebecca

    4 4 4 4 4

    Amazingly Compact

    A fantastic pump with great pulling power, I managed 6ounces in my first pump alone! I would highly recommend for those that travel a lot as it's so compact and lightweight.

  • Isabel

    4 4 4 4 4

    Absolutely incredible

    The Compact breast pump is absolutely amazing, within 10 minutes even after a good feed I managed to express over 60mls ! It’s super lightweight and extremely quiet... not to mention it can be used with the AC adapter or Power bank (can be bought separately) it’s just absolutely wonderful and the different rhythms that mimic a baby are amazing at stimulating a fast let down. The whole time I pumped I didn’t feel any pain when previously I’ve found that with some pumps when you first start to express the initial attachment can be a bit painful, well I definitely didn’t experience this with this pump!
    It’s very compact & light making it easy to put in your bag and travel with. It’s also extremely easy to take apart and clean which is everything when you don’t have time! I really couldn’t fault it one bit.
    Thank you Lansinoh for allowing us to be a part of such a wonderful campaign.

  • Katie

    4 4 4 4 4

    Best pump I’ve had!

    Firstly I would like to say that I’ve been breastfeeding for 2 years and still feeding my son (2 years old) and my daughter (10 weeks). I have owned multiple pumps over the years and never been able to pump from my right breast. I cannot believe that on first try I was able to pump from both! I am so impressed with how this pumps works. The different rhythms mimics the way a baby feeds to stimulate a let down which helps express milk so easily.
    It’s very compact and small enough to put in your bag if you’re a mum who pumps on the go. Also won’t take up much room if travelling with it. You can also buy an additional power adapter which can power the pump whilst you’re out.
    It’s extremely easy to take apart and clean which makes life so much easier when you’re a busy mum like myself. It’s the easiest pump I’ve used so far and overall I’m so so pleased with it! Since having this I’ve got rid of my 2 other pumps.

    Just want to say a huge Thankyou to Lansinoh as we have been lucky enough to have been gifted this and it’s been amazing. Works so well with the collector on the other side!

  • Angela

    4 4 4 4 4

    The best breast pump to buy

    I have been lucky enough to obtain both a Medela swing and a Lansinoh single electric pump and can say hands down the Lansinoh pump is the winner. Firstly setting up the pump, attachments and bottles is easy. All the pumping parts are simple to clean and sterilise (you don't have to sterilise with breastmilk this but it gives me peace of mind). The pump is a lovely shade of purple and lightweight enough to move whilst out and about. I am someone who can only pump small amounts frequently (30-60mls each time) although occasionally I manage to get 90mls. The let down setting is brilliant and I have found that if I revert back to the let down setting when my milk output slows on suction mode that I produce a lot more milk.

    Having used both the Medela and Lansinoh pumps I have found that I manage to express more milk (10-30mls more) from the Lansinoh pump and I’ve used and tried both pumps at various times of the day and at various points between feeds or whilst feeding on the other breast. I’ve double pumped and changed up which pump has been on which breast and still express more milk from the Lansinoh. The other benefit of the Lansinoh breast pump is that you can express straight into Lansinoh milk bags. This saves cleaning and sterilising and means it can just go straight into the freezer when done. The bags fit perfectly onto the pump but definitely need to be taken off the pump with two hands (not a one handed holding the baby job). This makes expressing a lot easier. The Lansinoh breast pump is worth the money.

  • Abbie clarke

    4 4 4 4 4

    Simple to use

    Fantastic little breast pump, simple to use and switch between modes. Quiet and very comfortable. Used other brands of pumps before and this is by far my favourite.

  • Alex

    4 4 4 4 4

    I absolutely love this product it is so compact and simple to use, also has a great feature of automatically swapping between modes. It is perfect for if you want to travel with it or take it to work as it can also be used with a power bank. My baby loves the bottle that it comes with too.

  • Kerri

    4 4 4 4 4

    Great little pump

    I have 3 daughters and have used lots of different pumps, both manual and electric and also different brands and I’ve never really found one that works for me.
    I knew I wanted to try an electric pump again this time but the ones I’d tried in the past were quite big and I wanted something smaller and more compact.
    My baby is now 6 weeks old and I’ve been expressing for a few weeks using a different pump. When this pump arrived I was so excited to try it.
    Well it’s fantastic, it’s so comfortable and easy to use. It’s so small and compact but also very powerful! The pump itself is much quieter than others I’ve used and it’s working fantastically for us.
    Needless to say I’ve binned the other pump I had and I’ve been recommending this pump to all my pregnant friends.

  • Melanie Bell

    4 4 4 4 4

    Brilliant compact pump

    This pump has been fantastic for me, as a Mum whose spent the first few weeks separated from her baby, as they were in special care, it enabled me to continue expressing breast milk at home whilst my little one was in hospital.
    The pump has been brilliant. It's so easy to use! The pump itself comes with minimal set-up parts so you are pretty much good to go almost straight away. It's light-weight and compact, with minimal noise, so it has an added bonus of being discreet when using whilst you're out and about.

    Since my son has been discharged, I am still using this pump daily, as my son has decided he prefers the bottle over my breast now, so therefore he is now exclusively express breast milk fed. I am finding I am getting a good 4-5oz at every pumping session - which is brilliant as I have now accumulated a stash of milk supply for the freezer ready for use when I do (eventually) venture out on a night out with the girls, or I might even use it when I am back at work in a couple of months.
    I would definitely recommend this pump to any mum who wishes to continue her breast feeding, even with obsticles such as mine.

  • 4 4 4 4 4

    I’ve used several pumps since having my children and I’ve never found one that really works for me. I’ve tried both electric and manual and also different brands.
    I’ve recently had another baby and wanted to try and express again.

    This pump is fantastic, it’s so efficient and really works for me. It’s really comfortable and very easy to use. It’s much quieter than some electric pumps I’ve used which is great.

    I love that it’s small enough for me to take in my changing bag. This also means that when o return to work after maternity leave it will be small enough to take with me.

    Overall the beast pump I’ve tried. I’m recommending it to all my pregnant friends.

  • Lisa Conway

    4 4 4 4 4

    Complete must have product

    I can not thank Lansinoh enough for this fantastic Breast pump. I am a first time mum and was super keen to Breast feed my baby however he had trouble latching on due to a tounge tie but thanks to the amazing, easy to use pump I was able to still feed him otherwise I think I would have given up! Now my baby is 4 weeks old and the tougue tie has been fixed I am still using this fantastic pump when I need to.

    Over all 5 star review !!

  • Geri Gregg

    4 4 4 4 1

    I love it!

    I find the pump very easy to use (and comfortable!) as well as simple to clean. I'm wary when it comes to using new brands but I found Lansinoh to be above average, since trying the breast pump it's lead me to purchase other products such as there nipple pads and cream x

  • Kylie

    4 4 4 4 4

    Brilliant product

    Fantastic breast pump! Comfortable to use whilst being extremely effective at expressing milk. It really is lightweight and easily fits in my changing bag for on the go use. This pump has really helped improve my breastfeeding journey and I can now happily leave baby with Dad for a few hours!!

  • Julie

    4 4 4 4 4

    Compact pump

    Excellent pump I've found it so easy to use. Everyone told me how uncomfortable pumping can be but they were wrong I've had no issues at all with this pump. Would definitely recommend to anyone who plans to pump.

  • Kelly

    4 4 4 4 4

    This pump is AMAZING! I definitely recommend it!

    This pump is AMAZING! I’m new to breastfeeding and to expressing but I have found this pump to be very easy to use. The compact pump still surprised me with how compact and lightweight it is. The breast cushion is extremely comfortable (I’ve tried a manual pump from another brand which was very uncomfortable and rubbed but this one didn’t at all). I love that the pump can be used with a usb charger instead of the mains it has meant that I can move around when I need to which is very handy with a toddler! It is very easy to clean and sterilise. Also, I used the bottle that came with the pump and my little girl took to the teat straight away.

  • Michelle

    4 4 4 4 4

    Brilliant pump

    I have just started to express for baby number 2 (LG is 5 weeks) and the pump has been great for us and so easy to use. Being able to switch from initiating feeding to let down meant the time pumping was short and I got the milk I needed for a couple of feeds. Being able to pump directly into a feeding bottle or to lansinoh storage bags has made the process as simple and efficient as possible. The pump is small and the noise level minimum (compared to another pump I previously used) being able to use it with a USB port also allows greater flexibility. It’s easy to clean and quick to sterilise. I would highly recommend the pump and I’m really happy with how it’s helping us to continue EBF.

  • Rebecca Short

    4 4 4 4 4

    Brilliant little pump

    I found the breast pump very easy to assemble and clean and also very handy having only a few parts to sterilise before use.
    The actually pump is small and compact and would be easy to transport out and about. The fact that it can be powered by a power bank instead of an ac adaptor is an added bonus for on the go pumping.
    I found the pump easy to set up and use. With only the 2 buttons on it for let down/expression phase and the power button plus the +/- buttons for the suction control. The pump automatically switched from let down phase to expression phase after 2 minutes (but allows you to switch back to let down phase for longer if required) so all that leaves you to do is adjust the suction to what is a comfortable level for you.
    The pump is fairly quiet and very discreet and seems well made.
    Overall I found the pump easy to use and liked the compact size and handiness of the pump especially for pumping on the go. Even though the pump is small, this doesn’t compromise the power and I was able to pump a good amount comfortably. The pump comes with everything you need including a teat and bottle lid so you can pump and feed when needed.
    I would certainly recommend this pump!

  • Katie

    4 4 4 4 4


    I find the whole idea of breast pumps a bit daunting especially as I am a newbie breastfeeding mummy (Lg is 8 weeks), but I had nothing to worry about. The instructions were very easy to understand and it was simple to put together. Very compact which will be great for when I return back to work and it can also be used from a usb powerbank which will be fab for when we go camping.
    Strong suction and got a great amount of milk for my first time!! Actually using the machine was so easy too... literally one button to press and then it does the rest of the work for you!
    Overall fab pump, great for first timers like me and mummies who are on the go! :-)

  • Ami Roberts

    4 4 4 4 4

    Amazingly small but powerful pump!

    LOVE THIS PUMP!!! It is so small, light weight and compact but it is still super powerful and does the job. The fact that it has a micro USB power port is amazing as I can use it with a power bank and use it away from home or on the move. Fantastic pump!!!

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  • Features
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  • Product Features:

    • 5 Adjustable suction and rhythm levels, mimics the way baby naturally feeds, maximises milk production and enables mum to tailor the suction strength to her comfort level
    • Includes Comfortfit™ breast cushion to ensure comfortable pumping
    • Small, lightweight design with micro USB power adapter; ideal for use home or away
    • Simple to use with fewer parts to clean, saving time for busy mums
    • Includes NaturalWave® Teat (with cap) – helps maintain established breastfeeding patterns
    • BPA and BPS Free
    • ComfortFit™ soft silicone breast cushion – for a secure seal and comfortable fit resulting in more efficient pumping
    • Pump, Store, Feed – one bottle to pump, store and feed for convenience and ease (sealing disc for storage & NaturalWave® Teat included)
    • LED indicator so you know exactly what setting you’re on, day or night
  • Description:

    SKU: 1 x 54091, 1 x 99610 & 1 x 20430 Category:


    The Lansinoh Compact Single Electric Breast Pump is ideal for today’s busy mum, who is always on the move with little time to spare. Thoughtfully designed, the pump is lightweight, compact, discreet and compatible with a micro USB adapter or mains AC adapter, making it perfect for on-the-go use.

    Simple to use, with a convenient LED indicator which shows the strength of suction and clear controls on the top of the unit to increase and decrease suction levels.

    Let-Down and Expression Phases

    When babies breastfeed, they start with quick sucking to stimulate your milk let-down and flow. Once your milk has let down, the baby draws the milk out with slower, deeper sucks. To simulate this natural rhythm, the Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump offers 2 phases – the Let-Down Phase and the Expression Phase.

    • Let-Down Phase is a faster pumping style which mimics the short, rapid sucking your baby uses to initiate milk flow.
    • Expression Phase mimics the slower, deeper sucking of feeding with 5 adjustable suction levels that can be tailored for your comfort.

    When turning on the breast pump, it will start in Let-Down Phase, level 3 and will automatically switch to Expression Phase after 2 minutes meaning you don’t even have to press a button (if you don’t want to). You can switch to Expression Phase at any point, if your milk starts flowing before the 2-minute transition.

    Featuring automatic power off, if the pump is left unattended for more than 60 minutes.

    The Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump comes with standard size (25mm) ComfortFit™ Silicone Breast Cushion, which are soft and supple around the edges to mould around the breast. You can purchase Large size (30.5mm) ComfortFit™ Silicone Breast Cushion directly from Lansinoh – Click Here.

    The Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump can be attached to Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage allowing you to save time and prevent messy milk transfers or spills by pumping direct. These can also be great when you are out and about with little room for storage bottles.

    If you require spare parts for this product please click here.

  • Product Details:

    • 1 x Lansinoh® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump Base Unit
    • 1 x Diaphragm Cap (#53410)
    • 1 x Diaphragm (#53402)
    • 1 x ComfortFit® Breast Cushion (25mm) (#54103)
    • 1 x Breast Cushion Body (#53454)
    • 2 x White Valve (#53401)
    • 1 x 160ml (5oz) Bottle (#53451)
    • 1 x Sealing Cap (#53461)
    • 1 x Silicone Tube (800mm) (#54100)
    • 1 x Pump Connector (#54106)
    • 1 x Teat Cover (#53462)
    • 1 x NaturalWave® Slow Flow Teat (#75900)
    • 1 x Teat Collar (#53463)
    • 1 x AC Adapter (#53470)
    • Micro USB power bank - not included
  • If you need help with this specific product, please click the link below:

    Contact us Download The Manual
    • Your top questions answered

      Click here for our most frequently asked questions.
    • Do you have replacement parts for my breast pump?

      Yes, you can find spare parts for all our breast pumps here.
    • Can I pump directly into the Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags?

      The Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags have a double zipper closure and allow secure fitting to any Lansinoh electric or manual breast pump. Attach the pre-sterilised breastmilk storage bag to any of the Lansinoh Breast Pumps to express directly into a bag.
    • What if I accidentally wash the tubing — can it still be used?

      Our closed system means that the tubing does not need to be washed because the expressed milk does not come into contact with the tubing. If you accidentally wash the tubing, you can disconnect the tubing from the diaphragm cap and run the pump for a few minutes to see if the air from the base eliminates any condensation that may be inside. If you notice any remaining condensation or anything that may be mould, you will need to discard the tubing and contact our customer service team to purchase a new tubing.
    • How do I know when to stop expressing?

      When you are nearing the end of a pumping session, the streams of your milk will begin to slow or stop and/or your breasts will feel softer and less full. A breast is never truly “empty,” but it will be apparent with these clues that your body has released as much milk as it will at that particular session and you can stop expressing.
    • Where can I get replacement parts?

      You can purchase spare parts for your breast pump directly from our website. You can find spare parts for all our breast pumps here.
    • How can I switch between the let-down and the expression phases?

      You can easily switch between the 2 phases using the ‘phase’ toggle button. The breast pump will automatically start in the ‘let-down’ phase when you switch it on and move onto the ‘expression’ phase after 2 minutes. If you wish to go back to the ‘let-down’ phase at any point during the pumping session or if you wish to move onto the ‘expression’ phase before the 2 minutes are up, you just need to push the ‘phase’ toggle button.

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