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Feed with Confidence Awards 2018

Do you know a cafe, a shop or a friend who’s helped you to breastfeed with confidence? You might know a brilliant midwife who’s helped you on your journey or it might be your local health visitor who is still supporting and encouraging you! We’re looking for the places and the people who make breastfeeding a positive experience. We know they’re out there!

Helen Flanagan from Coronation Street – aka Rosie Webster – has agreed to be Lansinoh’s leading Feed with Confidence Ambassador 2018 to raise awareness and support breastfeeding in public by sharing her own breastfeeding journey – from unexpected hurdles to little anecdotes along the way… With the arrival of daughter Delilah only nearly one month ago, Helen is a major advocate of breastfeeding and was even seen feeding her new addition in public only days after her birth.

As Helen told us: “I feed with confidence because my priority is doing the best I can for my baby, so whenever she needs to feed, I do so in public, confidently and proud.”

Speaking from experience she adds, “I’ve found it very hit and miss in terms of people’s attitude to breastfeeding in public; some ‘get it’ and are very supportive, whether it’s individuals or places that provide a positive environment for mums to feel comfortable breastfeeding in public. Unfortunately, though, I’ve also experienced the opposite where I’ve heard nasty comments about me breastfeeding in public. I think there is a lack of understanding on the subject as a whole; to me breastfeeding is about providing what is best for my baby both nutritionally and for bonding.  Equally, anyone who has had a child knows they don’t feed to a set timetable so I could be anywhere when Delilah needs feeding!”

She continued, “I’m delighted to become a Lansinoh Feed with Confidence Ambassador as their campaign is all about supporting breastfeeding mums and changing public perception as well as encouraging venues to be more breastfeeding friendly.  Their 2018 Awards champion people, places and professionals that have helped mums on their breastfeeding journey, so that can only be good in getting the message out there to a wider audience.  I hope people nominate their favourites!”


Following the success of last year’s Feed With Confidence Awards we’ve introduced two new categories. There are now three in total:

  • Feed With Confidence Venue – a place where mums can breastfeed in comfort, feeling supported and respected. It might be a cafe or a museum, a department store or a pharmacy. It’s a place that goes the extra mile to make breastfeeding possible.
  • Feed With Confidence Supporter – a friend or family member who has helped you to overcome your breastfeeding hurdles.
  • Feed With Confidence Champion – a healthcare professional who champions the cause and has made you feel breastfeeding is worthwhile.


All nominations will go into a prize draw to win a family friendly mini break which is a short break of two nights for a family of four staying at one of Luxury Family Hotels’ beautiful hotels in the UK such as Fowey Hall in Cornwall, Wooley Grange Hotel on the edge of the Cotswold, The Ickworth Hotel in Suffolk, The New Park Manor in Hampshire, Moonfleet Manor in Dorset and the Pollurian Bay Hotel in Cornwall.


Kellie Bland who set up the Krafty Cow Tearoom in Burnley, our 2017 Feed With Confidence Award winner, sums up the importance of creating a warm and welcoming space for breastfeeding mums: “ It can be daunting for new mums to breastfeed in public so it’s important to feel wanted and welcome. We focus on the things that matter, like comfy chairs a relaxed atmosphere, space to park a buggy and of course delicious food including yummy cakes!!”




If you have a great tearoom in your area or want to recognise a supportive friend, relative or health care professional then enter our Feed With Confidence Awards. Winners receive a specially commissioned Feed With Confidence trophy and you could win a short break.

Nominations are now closed and will be announced in February 2019.