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Feed with Confidence Awards 2019

Feed with Confidence Awards 2019

We continue our mission to increase breastfeeding rates in the UK by giving mums the confidence to feed their baby whenever and wherever they need.

We carried out a national survey to 1,000 new mums and found that only 10% of mums would consider posting a picture of themselves breastfeeding on social media, instead preferring to share intimate pictures of themselves of their baby’s birth (22%), scan (55%), bump (49%) and positive pregnancy test (19%). Over a third of mums don’t feel confident enough to breastfeed in public and 60% of mums say it makes them feel anxious or embarrassed.  We want to change these statistics and give mums the confidence to share photos of themselves breastfeeding on social media and not feel anxious or embarrassed about breastfeeding in public.

Our Feed with Confidence awards is back for 2019 and we want to recognise the people and places who support mums on their breastfeeding journey.

Do you know a breastfeeding friendly venue who has made you feel at home, or a friend or family member who has helped you overcome your breastfeeding hurdles, or a healthcare professional who champions the cause and made you feel your breastfeeding journey is worthwhile?

Our 2019 awards have now closed and we will be announcing the winners very soon!

Find out more about our worthy winners from 2019 here.

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