Introducing Our Feed With Confidence Ambassadors 2019 - Lansinoh

Introducing Our Feed With Confidence Ambassadors 2019

Our Feed with Confidence 2019 Awards is back! Meet our lovely Feed with Confidence Ambassadors who are supporting our fantastic campaign of increasing breastfeeding rates in the UK, and encouraging more mums to have the confidence to breastfeed whenever and wherever their baby needs. Join in the conversation and share your breastfeeding photos with us on social media using #feedwithconfidence.

Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan Lansinoh Feed with Confidence Ambassadors

Famous for her role as Rosie Webster in Coronation Street, Helen is a busy mum of two to her beautiful daughters; Matilda, 4 and Delilah, 1, and is also a business woman running her own maternity and nursing lingerie, DelilahRuby. Helen supported our campaign last year and as she continues to breastfeed her 1 year old daughter Delilah and offer mums a beautiful nursing range, she’s a great advocate for breastfeeding. In a recent survey we conducted with 1,000 mums, Helen Flanagan was named as one of the positive celebrity influences for breastfeeding, and over half of the new mums surveyed agreed that celebrities and influencers who post pictures of themselves breastfeeding on social media encourage others to try it/do it for longer.

Helen has spoken about what it means to be a Feed with Confidence Ambassador;

“Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, so it’s upsetting to see that so many women still feel nervous about doing it in public or posting pictures of themselves doing it online. I became a Lansinoh Feed With Confidence ambassador to help get rid of the stigma surrounding breastfeeding in public and to encourage other women to do it by sharing my own breastfeeding story.

“It’s brilliant to see that the pictures I’ve posted of myself breastfeeding have helped other women feel more confident about doing it themselves, and it shows the power of social media and of women supporting other women. I’m really passionate about helping other mums to feel confident about breastfeeding in public and by celebrating just that, Lansinoh’s Feed With Confidence campaign will help to encourage more women to have a happy and successful breastfeeding journey.”

Carly Newson

Feed with Confidence Ambassador - Carly Newson

Carly is a fitness professional owning two personal training studios FlexPT, and is a mum of two to Maxon aged 3 years old and Mia who is 7 months. Carly exclusively breastfed Maxon for a full year and her aim is to do the same with Mia. For both her little ones, Carly breastfed where she felt most comfortable ans as time went on and she got into a rhythm with her little ones, her confidence grew when feeding in public.

Carly shares with us how she wants to support mums on having the confidence to breastfeed;

“I am passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding and although every mum should choose to feed their baby however they wish, I want to encourage and support mums to try. No matter how long you breastfeed for, we should be celebrating the goodness we are giving to our babies!” 

Beata Takats aka Mommabeatrice

MommaBeatice Feed with Confidence Ambassadors

Mommabeatrice moved to the UK over 6 and 1/2 years ago and now lives in Northamptonshire with her husband, Peter and two children, Liza, 2 years old and 4 month old son.

In her own words, Mommabeatrice explains her breastfeeding journey for both her children;

“I always wanted to breastfeed my babies. I was determined to know everything about it before my little girl was born, but honestly, you learn as you go. The first 3-4 months was very hard, but eventually (with the help of the Lansinoh magical nipple cream) it got easier and I breastfed my daughter for 18 months. I then got pregnant so after a while I stopped breastfeeding Liza, she was ready to wean off.

It was strange to breastfeed in public at first, and I wasn’t confident enough to breastfeed on my own, if  my hubby or friend was there with me, I was fine with it. As my confidence grew with breastfeeding,  I wasn’t shy or embarrassed to feed in public, I fed my daughter in coffee shops, parks, play grounds, supermarkets, pubs, friends’ houses, basically anywhere.  With my son, after more than 2 years of breastfeeding I feel super comfortable and confident to feed him anytime, anywhere. After all that’s the most beautiful and natural thing in the world, as a mother, to feed your baby from your own body.”

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