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Getting Back Into Shape

Getting Back Into Shape

Just given birth and wanting to lose weight? Remember you have just brought a baby into your life and your body needs time to heal. Hence don’t rush to lose the weight you gained during pregnancy. Hurrying this process can cause your body to take even longer to rebuild. There will be scars, your body may feel like it will never be the same again but all this shows is what a remarkable triumph you have achieved. To take note, it is recommended that you don’t exercise until 6 weeks after the birth (or 12 weeks after a c – section).

You should focus on eating a healthy diet alongside gentle exercise, especially if you are breastfeeding, as heavy exercise could affect your milk supply and also may cause heavier vaginal bleeding. Gentle to moderate exercise however should not affect your milk supply for breastfeeding mums.

One of the main issues is having time to exercise when you have a new baby. However there are ways around this make sure you make it fun and get baby involved. Here are some ideas:

  • Start with gentle exercise, take a daily short walk with the baby and the pram, it will help you on your weight loss journey and get you and your little one out of the house.
  • Gentle lower tummy muscle exercises (not – sit ups) squats, lunges and pelvic floor exercises are another good exercise to start with too.
  • Yoga and Pilates are a great gentle exercise. There are a lot of classes available just for mums.
  • Swimming is another healthy option and something your baby can get involved with too.
  • If you are wanting to go back to the gym, some will have crèche’s available for you have that quick 30 minutes of exercise.

If you’re concerned about leaving the baby, one option is to join a mum and baby class. There are classes for helping you get back into shape, there are even classes where you can take your baby and pushchair with you. There are baby swimming classes available, where you and your baby can have a nice, relaxing swim. Look around and see what you can find because there will be different options available in different areas.

Overtime gradually increase your exercise levels and this will help you gradually and safely lose weight over time. Aim to do about 30 minutes of gentle exercise for 5 days a week and slowly build up the intensity.

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