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Lansinoh Acquires Primo-Lacto®: A Closed System for Colostrum Collection

Lansinoh Acquires Primo-Lacto®: A Closed System for Colostrum Collection

Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc. acquires Primo-Lacto®: A Closed System for Colostrum Collection. This is the latest move in Lansinoh’s strategy to expand its product range to fully address the needs of all breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Primo-Lacto® is an innovative medical device designed to collect and help administer colostrum, the critical first milk produced by breastfeeding women.

Rich in antibodies and immunoglobins, colostrum helps protect newborns and establish their immune systems immediately after birth. Primo-Lacto® is the first system designed specifically for colostrum collection, and is superior to traditional methods of pumping, cup or syringe collection, which can cause waste and contamination during transfer. The Primo-Lacto® system improves the collection process by preventing colostrum loss and simplifying work flow for nurses assisting new mothers with colostrum collection. This ensures infants get as much of their mother’s ‘liquid gold’ as possible after birth.

Jules Sherman, an industrial designer and breastfeeding mom, designed and developed Primo-Lacto® after her own birth experience and recognition that there was a need for a better solution. Proven to be an effective device through completed human studies, this acquisition further signals Lansinoh’s commitment to breastfeeding mothers.

For more than 30 years Lansinoh® has been a trusted brand for breastfeeding accessories throughout the world and the firm’s commitment to breastfeeding as the best way to nurture and nourish babies continues to be at the forefront of its priorities.

“Lansinoh was founded by a breastfeeding mother more than 30 years ago and we are committed to partnering with other breastfeeding moms to bring the best products to market,” said Kevin Vyse-Peacock, CEO of Lansinoh. “Primo-Lacto® is an elegantly designed solution to a real healthcare need. Colostrum is baby’s first and most important food and we are pleased to offer a solution that ensures mothers can provide as much of it as possible to their babies.”

Maternal Life LLC was established in May 2013 by Jules Sherman. She co-invented Primo-Lacto® in partnership with Frank Wang, PhD, Ryan Van Wert, MD and her Chief Strategy Advisor Rush Bartlett, PhD MBA. The Primo-Lacto® system was been clinically tested at Sharp Mary Birch, San Diego, CA, Memorial Hospital, South Bend, IN, and John Muir Hospital, Walnut Creek, CA.

These clinical cases demonstrated that use of the Primo-Lacto® system increased colostrum collected by 75% among hand-expressing mothers and by 45% among pumping mothers, when compared to standard practices used by hospitals.

“Every baby deserves to have the best nutritional start, and every mom deserves to understand that colostrum is the best food for their baby in the first few days of life, said Jules Sherman, founder of Maternal Life LLC. “I designed Primo-Lacto® to help empower new mothers to supply their newborns with the antibodies and nutrients found only in colostrum, and I am thrilled to work with Lansinoh to ensure this solution is available to all new mothers.”

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