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IMUK Conference – Midwives, Simply the Best

IMUK Conference – Midwives, Simply the Best

Retired U.S midwife Peggy Vincent discusses the different journeys taken to practice midwifery in the UK and the USA, and the obstacles we all face in our desire to care for pregnant women. Peggy is also the author of the Baby Catcher, Midwife a Journey and Midwife a Calling.

Kate Evans, author, activist and cartoonist presents her ground breaking graphic guide to birth, Bump: how to make, grow and birth a baby. Her book covers the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy but handling practicalities and challenges in a very funny and straightforward way with detailed illustrations.

A self-declared birth junkie, Beverley Turner, is also a broadcaster and journalist and a member of a team of renown antenatal experts at the Blooming Bunch with Beverley Turner will discuss the most pressing questions that she feels the maternity world must answer.

Andrew Weeks’, consultant obstetrician and professor of international maternal health care, passion is translating maternity care from high to low resource settings. He also has an interest in misoprostol, PPH and the management of labour. Amanda Burleigh has over 10 years of campaigning for the cutting of umbilical cords and the 2015 Midwife of the year. They will provide practical solutions to optimising cord clamping, even for premature babies and those who require resuscitation at birth.

Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Toni Harman, has made films that have changed European law as well as birthing practices and will present the critical information every parent and birth professional need to know to best protect it.

Shawn Walker, midwife and breech birth expert has developed an honest, non-biased counselling and non-judgemental approach in a midwifery continuity of care model that has increased the number of women who choose vaginal breech birth. Shawn is widely published on breech birth. Hearing a birth stories are very important to midwives and I really look forward to what mum Natalie can teach us

Have a ‘free’ Saturday to yourself and come along to IMUK’s first ever national annual conference ‘Midwives, Simply the Best’.

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