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Feed With Confidence Winners 2018

Feed With Confidence Winners 2018

Our Feed with Confidence Awards returned in 2018 and we asked you to nominate a breastfeeding friendly venue who goes that extra mile to make breastfeeding in public that bit easier, a friend or family who helped you overcome your breastfeeding hurdles or a healthcare professional who champions the cause and made you feel your breastfeeding journey is worthwhile.

Thank you to everyone who nominated, we received over 500 nominations and we are delighted to announce our worthy winners.

Feed with Confidence Venue Winners

Congratulations to Babyccino Coffee Limited in Evesham who received the highest nominations in our breastfeeding friendly venue category. Here is what Stephanie had to say about Babyccino Coffee Limited;

“Babyccino offer fantastic facilities for breastfeeding mums. I have always felt so at ease there and have built up a great rapport with the owners. They are very friendly and welcoming. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I have always felt comfortable feeding in there, so much so I have gone in there on my own with baby to feed when I have been out and about in town and needed a well-earned coffee break.
It’s a very Baby orientated venue and is a great place to meet with my mummy friends for play dates.”

James Waple, owner of Babyccino Coffee said;

""We're thrilled to win this award. We go out of our way to make sure everyone feels comfortable here, and love having a community of mums who visit regularly because of this. All public venues should support breastfeeding, and mumsshould be made to feel confident when they're out and about feeding their babies. We're proud to be leading the way."

Congratulations to our Runners-Up

The Mug Tree, East Grinstead, West Sussex

Cj’s Family Cafe, Crawley

The Kind Grind, Torquay

The Coffee Boutique, Milton Keynes

Feed with Confidence Supporter Winner

Congratulations to Danielle who won our Feed with Confidence Supporter award 2018  and was nominated by her sister Samantha;

I nominate my sister Danielle for the feed with confidence award. Myself and my sister Danielle surprisingly fell pregnant at the same time. My sister struggled to conceive and was booked in for IVF when she fell pregnant naturally with her little boy Theo. Not many people know about her struggles to conceive.

To my delight I also fell pregnant. Our two little boys are around a month in difference and I can’t even begin to describe how amazing my sister has been! She has guided me through every step of the way even though this was also new to her. Her confidence in breastfeeding allowed me to recreate the same confidence. I remember so well my first trip out alongside my sister and her partner. My baby was due a feed as we sat in a restaurant. The anxiety of lifting my clothing arranging my baby and my muslin in the correct position so nobody saw my ever-changing nipples was such a daunting position. However Danielle made it seem like a normal experience. She reassured me nothing was to be seen and that breastfeeding is a natural thing. After that one day, that one person, that one restaurant I felt like it was no big deal and something I could embrace.

She is my rock and my best friend. And someone I will constantly look up to in motherhood. Thankyou!”


And finally, congratulations to our winner of our family friendly mini break, Helen Barrett.

Our Feed with Confidence Awards is returning in June 2019 and will be bigger than ever.

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