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Feed with Confidence 2017 WINNER - Krafty Cow Tea Room

Feed with Confidence 2017 WINNER - Krafty Cow Tea Room

Lansinoh Feed with Confidence 2017 has come to a close. We received an incredible response from mums from across the UK who nominated a place or business which went above and beyond to make them feel comfortable when they were breastfeeding.

We're pleased to announce the winner is The Krafty Cow Tea Room in Burnley.

Kellie, the owner of the Krafty Cow Tea Room said, “I am delighted to have won the Feed with Confidence Award. The fact that local parents have nominated the Tea Room means so much to me.  I have worked very hard to create a warm and inviting space for everyone. It can be very daunting for new mums to breastfeed in public and it’s important that they are supported and made to feel welcome”. 

We welcome you in congratulating Kellie from Krafty Cow Tea Room on her win!

If you would like visit Kraft Cow Tea Rooms in Burnley, click here to head to their Facebook page for more details.

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